Will A Circular Saw Cut Plexiglass?

Can I use a circular saw to cut plexiglass?

Cutting plexiglass can result in splinters or shards that can pose a hazard. … Fit a circular saw or table saw with a fine blade with crosscut teeth to prevent chipping the piece during the cut. Line the plexiglass sheet along the cut line.

What is the best tool to cut plexiglass?

Use a circular saw with a carbide-tipped metal-cutting blade. Thicker sheets of plexiglass will need to be cut with a saw. Make sure the teeth of the blade are evenly spaced and the same size and shape for an even cut.

What kind of table saw blade Do I need to cut plexiglass?

For best results with Plexiglas® MC acrylic sheet, circular saw blades should be the largest diameter possible and contain 60 carbide-tipped teeth with a triple-chip-tooth design. Teeth should be shaped with a 5° to 10° positive rake angle and have sharp cutting edges with adequate clearance.

What’s the best way to cut plexiglass without cracking it?

Whether using a hand tool or a power saw to cut plexiglass, it’s important to use a sharp blade. A dull blade will fight against the material, potentially causing cracks and breaks—not to mention an overly rough cut edge. Keep the blade cool.

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Can you cut plexiglass with a hand saw?

Acrylic sheet may be cut with almost any type of hand saw. … Flexing at the point of the cut or binding of the saw blade may cause the acrylic to crack. Clamp the material securely and keep the saw straight when cutting, and apply very little pressure. Let the blade do the work.

What is the best way to cut 1/4 plexiglass?

While the recommended way to cut acrylic is with a high-quality table saw, the simplest and most beginner-friendly way to cut plexiglass is by using a scoring tool. However, keep in mind that you should only use this method on acrylic sheets that are 1/4 of an inch thick or thinner.

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