Why Is Faucet Running Slow?

It is most likely that the aerator is not working. If there is a broken washer, remove the nozzle and look for it. Mineral crumbles and debris are likely to be seen next. All that is left is to rinse it off.

What does a faucet flow restrictor look like?

The second picture shows a small flat screen that looks like a filter, similar to the one in the flow restrictor. If there is a build-up of minerals, you may need a wrench to remove the aerator.

Why is my kitchen hot water tap running slow?

There are a number of causes of low hot water pressure.

Do all faucets have flow restrictors?

All new faucets must have flow restrictors in order to use less water. It is possible to purchase different aerators and flow restrictors that will increase or decrease the rate of flow.

Where are flow restrictors located?

When the shower head is removed from the shower arm, flow restrictors can be found at the neck or threaded end of the shower head. They can be seen in the opening of the aerator when it is no longer in use.

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