Why Does My Circular Saw Blade Smoke?

The same goes for your circular saw blade. When you use your saw repeatedly for an extended period, something called pitch can begin to coat the teeth of your blade. This pitch is rather sticky. As a result, it creates friction when cutting and possibly smoke.

Why is my circular saw blade burning?

Pushing the stock through the saw too slowly is a common cause of saw blade burn. Sometimes a blade that feels dull might only be dirty. If wood pitch resins build up behind the teeth of the blade, the cutting speed will slow down, increasing the chances for burns. Commercial blade cleaners are sold for this purpose.

Should you oil circular saw blades?

Circular saws can be used for all types of wood product cutting–lumber, plywood and paneling. … The blade doesn’t need to be oiled very often; you can coincide the oiling with blade replacement, but a spot of oil on the inner washers will keep the saw running better and more safely.

How do you get rid of saw burns on wood?

“If burns do show up, you can remove them with a hand plane or a sharp scraper in addition to sandpaper on a sanding block.” Answer from Lee Grindinger: “Sure there is, a scraper or plane will make quick work of the burn marks.

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Why does the saw get hot?

A part of the kinetic energy of the saw is converted into heat as it cuts the log of wood. It is due to this heat that saw becomes warm.

How should you clear away scraps that are close to the saw blade?

Use a piece of scrap stock to remove scrap pieces; do not use your hands. Keep floor area surrounding the saw clear of scraps. If the blade breaks, stand clear and shut off the power if possible. Keep others clear until the machine stops completely and notify the instructor.

Is it worth sharpening circular saw blades?

When your circular saw blade becomes dull, not only will it give you a rougher finish, but your saw’s motor will have to work harder and may burn out sooner. Sharpening your saw blades will save you money in the long run because you’ll get better cuts, and you’ll have to replace your saw and blades less often.

How do I know when to change my circular saw blade?

Look for worn-down, chipped, broken and missing teeth or chipped carbide tips that indicate it’s time to replace a circular saw blade. Check the wear line of carbide edges using a bright light and magnifying glass to determine if it’s beginning to dull.

What do you clean saw blades with?

Caustic oven cleaners are sometimes recommended as the best way to clean table saw blades. Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye, is the main ingredient in many spray-on oven cleaners.

Can you use wd40 on circular saw?

There are several moving parts in a circular saw which must be properly lubricated after all the chips and dust have been removed. We perform all this lubrication using WD-40 Specialist Dry Anti-Friction PTFE Lubricant. … Also externally lubricate the sliding holes of any extendable surfaces.

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