Which Makita Circular Saw To Buy?

How do I choose a Makita circular saw?

The main things you should be looking out for when choosing a circular saw are cutting capacity, cutting depth and bevels. The capacity and depth of your cut with a circular saw is based on the size of the saw’s blade. In the case of our cordless circular saws, the blade is a standard 165mm.

What is the newest Makita circular saw?

The new 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Brushless Cordless 9-1/4” Circular Saw (XSH10Z) delivers up to 110 cross cuts in 3 x 12 oak using two 5.0Ah LXT® Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Is Makita a good brand?

Of all the major power tool brands, Makita is the most competent and comprehensive in OPE. They have a very wide range of tools on both the 18V and 18V X2 platforms along with professional-level gas equipment that features their MM4 4-stroke technology.

What is the best circular saw blade for wood?

The following guide contains the information necessary to choose the best circular saw blade for any task.

Is Makita coming out with a new track saw?

The new Makita XGT cordless track saw, SP001G, was recently announced, and with enough details to see how it compares against their 18V X2 model. The new Makita XGT track saw features a 165mm (6-1/2″) blade, and has the same 56mm (2-3/16″) cutting capacity at 90° as their 18V model.

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