What Is The Lightest Cordless Drill?

If you are looking for a lightweight cordless drill for heavy-duty or professional use, allow us to introduce you to the Bosch PS32-02. Weighing in at only 2 pounds, this is one of the lightest cordless drills out there.

How much does a cordless drill weigh?

Typically speaking, cordless drills weigh between 3.5 to 10 pounds, which is quite a range. The weight is determined by several factors, including the battery size, manufacturer, materials, and more.

What is the easiest cordless drill to use?

Bosch’s ⅜-inch 12-volt variable speed cordless drill won our testers over in every single category. It’s quick and effective for simple DIY projects. The drill comes with a charger and two batteries, which charge quickly, so there’s little down time on longer projects.

What is the number 1 cordless drill?

BEST OVERALL: Dewalt 20V MAX Cordless Drill. RUNNER UP: Makita 12V MAX Brushless Cordless Driver-Drill Kit. BEST BUDGET: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver. UPGRADE PICK: DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer.

What do numbers around drill mean?

In simple words, the numbers on your drill refer to how much torque will be applied to a fastener such as a screw. Once that particular torque level is reached, the power drill will stop driving the fastener or turning at all.

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What does brushless mean on a drill?

A drill with a brushless motor adjusts its speed, torque, and power supply to match the task at hand. It’ll sense if you’re driving screws into a light material like drywall or a dense material like mahogany, and use only enough power to accomplish the job.

What is difference between drill and hammer drill?

The action of a hammer drill is right there in the name: it’s a hammer and a drill working in tandem. While the drill rotates, a gear-driven cam introduces a linear striking motion along the path of the drill bit. In effect, it combines chiseling and drilling in the same tool.

What is the difference between an impact driver and a hammer drill?

An impact drill has an impact function and a hammer drill has a hammer function. … The main difference is in the force that’s transferred to the drill head. The hammer function gives a knock on the head of the hammer drill, which pulsates rather than it rotates.

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