What Is A Plunge Circular Saw?

A plunge saw, sometimes referred to as a track saw, is a type of hand held circular saw which slides on a rail during application. You can perform long and accurate cuts with a plunge saw. Unlike other saws, a plunge saw can be fed at the start of the material or be plunged directly into where you need to cut.

Whats the difference between a circular saw and a plunge saw?

A plunge saw has a different design which removes the need for a conventional retractable blade guard, as the blade is enclosed within the machine. This ensures multiple benefits versus the traditional circular saw including: The blade can be plunged at any point into the material you are cutting.

Can I do a plunge cut with a circular saw?

For the plunge cut, place the portable circular saw on the rear stop. Switch on the saw and slowly lower it into the material. Now saw slowly up to the second stop. When the stop is reached, carefully remove the saw from the material.

Can you use a circular saw on a track?

There has been a lot of buzz about Track Saws with both DeWalt, and Makita finally coming out with versions for the USA. But I bet many people don’t know that you can turn just about any circular saw into a track saw for a fraction of the cost of a complete track saw package all with a kit from EurekaZone.

What is the space between two protruding teeth on a saw blade called?

Gullet – The gullet refers to the space between each tooth on the blade. A wider gullet produces a bigger chip of material cut.

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Can you plunge cut with a straight router bit?

WHY SPIRAL BITS ARE BETTER FOR PLUNGE CUTS. Because a spiral bit is designed much like a drill bit, it makes plunge cuts easily. The cutters of a straight bit do not overlap, so if you plunge straight down deeper than 3/32 in., you might burn away the wood in the middle, but you won’t cut it.

What is meant by plunge cutting?

. When you need to cut a shape inside a piece of wood, a plunge cut is pretty much your only choice. Typically, you might use a drill with a small bit to bore a hole that you can drop your jigsaw blade into to start cutting.

What is a plunge cut in wood?

A plunge-cut track saw combines the maneuverability of a circular saw with the precision and stability of a table saw, allowing you to make clean, super-straight cuts on a single pass.

Are all plunge saw tracks the same?

Not all plunge saws are supplied with tracks, or even designed to be used with them (e.g smaller machines like the Draper MPS600SF Mini Plunge Saw). However, anyone thinking of investing in a plunge saw for the first time will likely be considering a track system for the considerable advantages this offers.

What is a riving knife on a circular saw?

A riving knife is a safety device installed on a table saw, circular saw, or radial arm saw used for woodworking. Attached to the saw’s arbor, it is fixed relative to the blade and moves with it as blade depth is adjusted.

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