Is Sump Pump Failure Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

The simplest answer to the question is “no” for a standard homeowners insurance policy. Water damage, a flooded basement, overflow, or sewer backup are considered to be an uncovered peril on many policies.

What happens if your sump pump fails?

Excess water from a serious storm can accumulate at the lowest point in your home if you don’t have a working sump pump. The foundation, crawlspace or basement is the point. The water will warp wood, cause rot and lead to mold growth if it is not settled in the right place.

What is the most common reason for sump pump failure?

Bad weather or a storm can cause an electrical power outage, which is the most common cause of failure. The home’s power supply can be problematic if there is a power failure. A backup generator is the best way to protect yourself from power failures.

Will my basement flood if sump pump fails?

When there is a big rain event, the basement can flood, causing extensive water damage to your property and creating a huge mess. Power failures are the most common cause of failure.

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How do you protect a sump pump from failure?

The opening of your discharge pipe needs to be protected with a grate to prevent it from becoming clogged. There is a chance that debris and small animals will enter your discharge pipe and cause a problem. Sometimes a good cleaning and maintenance is all it takes to keep your pump in tip top shape.

Can you take a shower if your sump pump is not working?

Unless you need a pump to move the water out of the basement, there is no problem.

How do I know if my sump pump is failing?

The water should be poured slowly around the pump. The water should reach a preset level below the basement floor before the pump kicks in. If the pump isn’t turning on, you should call a licensed plumbing professional for assistance.

Do sump pumps have a warranty?

There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty on them. If the pumps fail, the manufacturer will fix or replace them for free. The sump pumps will last a long time if they are well maintained.

How hard is it to replace a sump pump?

It can be done by a homeowner, even though it seems like a difficult task. If you’re going to install a new pump, make sure it’s the right size for your basin and has enough power to keep your basement dry.

Does a sump pump need to be cleaned?

The nature of the appliance makes it necessary for it to be cleaned regularly to keep it functioning. We recommend annual cleaning of the pump, check valve, and pit, as well as removing and washing the pump.

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