How To Use Makita Cordless Drill?

How do you turn on a Makita drill?

To start the tool, simply pull the switch trigger. Tool speed is increased by increasing pressure on the switch trigger. Release the switch trigger to stop. This tool is equipped with an electric brake.

How do cordless drills work?

How does a cordless drill work? This handy tool uses a battery located below the handle to provide the power to rotate the chuck. The trigger controls the speed, and you can adjust your speed by the amount of pressure on the trigger. The motor converts the electric power from the battery into energy to rotate the tip.

What is the difference between white and blue Makita drills?

There seems to be lots of confusion between Makita’s teal blue and white/black cordless power tools here in the USA. Namely the 18V LXT drills and impact drivers. … The obvious difference is the color scheme with a bold white as the main color and black as the accent .

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