How To Use Circular Saw To Cut Plywood?

Can I cut plywood with a circular saw?

Circular saws can be used to make a wide range of cuts. It can cut metal and concrete if it’s fitted with the right blade. Cutting large sheets of plywood down to size is a job that the circular saw is well-suited for.

How do you cut plywood with a circular saw accurately?

There is a circular saw that cuts on the upstroke and sometimes splinters the top edge. The bottom edge is usually free of splinters. The good side should be down when cutting plywood.

How many teeth do you need for plywood?

You will probably be happy with a premium quality blade for crosscutting lumber and plywood. If you can afford it, get a quality 80 tooth blade for your chop saw and use it on your table saw when you need to make the best crosscuts or panel cuts.

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