How To Unlock Circular Saw Graveyard Keeper?

How do you get the circular saw in the graveyard keeper?

The circular saw is used to cut logs into usable pieces. In order to be available for crafting in the circular saw logs must be placed in a timber stockpile.

How do you cut wood in a graveyard keeper?

Firewood can be crafted on a chopping spot from wood billets or grave decorations, e.g. wooden crosses, wooden markers and wooden grave fences.

How do you get tools in graveyard keeper?

You can buy new items at the Blacksmith, get new tools from the technology tree or upgrade them by using an anvil. To purchase new tools you simply have to visit the Blacksmith. You don’t have to sharpen them. Unlock the Tools ability in the technology tree to be able to get new tools.

How do you get the beam in the graveyard keeper?

Wooden beams can be purchased from Tress and require the circular saw to craft yourself. The Saw no longer needs wooden beams to create.

What does iron chisel do in graveyard keeper?

An iron chisel is a degeneratable piece of equipment, used to refine various resource materials. Each use costs 10% durability, before it is eventually destroyed, and further refinement requires that another be crafted.

How do I get a wood billet in the graveyard keeper?

Wood billets are a basic resource, made from processing logs at the sawhorse or circular saw. Alternatively, they can be purchased from Tress the wood merchant. They’re used in the construction of a few basic workstations, as well as an intermediate step in crafting wood wedges and firewood.

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How do you make a wooden plank in the graveyard keeper?

In order to create a Wooden Plank you don’t need to put a flitch in the inventory, just have it in your chest. If you go to carpenter’s workbench you will be able to create a Wooden Plank. The same applies to other resources and materials, e.g. if you have a stone stockpile block.

How do I get rid of broken tools in graveyard keeper?

In the left slot, place your broken tool. Whilst in the right slot, place the Whetstone that the blacksmith gave you. Then hit ‘Craft’. You will need to work at the grindstone, so it will use up your energy.

Where are the acid and restoration tools in the graveyard keeper?

Acid can be obtained by either purchasing it from Clotho the witch (tier 1), or through the practice of Alchemy at the alchemy workbench (tier II). Its primary use relates to the production of the embalming fluid acid injection.

How do I use the teleport stone in the graveyard keeper?

Usage. The teleportstone can be used by simply right-clicking inside the inventory. If you are carrying an object such as a log or a zombie it will teleport with you.

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