How To Reset Livpure Water Purifier?

How do I reset my Livpure filter life?

Yearly maintenance and replacement of filters can be done by calling Livpure Customer Care. The service technician will reset the life of the filters after they are replaced. If you want continuous flow of water from the storage tank, you have to press switch 2.

How does Livpure water purifier work?

You can find ranges in Livpure. Water purification using Reverse Osmosis (RO) uses a process that completely removes unwanted particles and harmful substances from the water to make it safe to drink. It is possible to remove unwanted things from water with the use of RO technology.

Is Livpure Indian brand?

Livpure is an esteemed establishment in the Indian corporate world and is one of the most trusted and customer focused brands in India with 1 million+ happy customers.

Is Livpure a good Ro?

There is only one product at this price point with RO+ UV+UF+Taste enhancers. It looks good and is cheaper than other companies’ products.

What happens if you dont recharge Livpure?

If the Customer fails to replenish his account on time or his account balance becomes negative, Livpure Smart Homes will have the right to stop the product and take it away.

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Is Livpure listed?

Livpure Private limited has been in the business of Electricity, Gas and Water for over a decade.

What is the price of Livpure Ro?

During Aug ’21 – Jul ’22, the price of Livpure RO Water Purifier products is between 13,955 – 15,722 per Piece.

Which water purifier is good for health?

The harmfulbacteria in the water are killed by the UV rays. The water is completely free of harmful organisms. The good thing about the UV water purifier is that it doesn’t affect the taste of the water.

Why does aquaguard blink red?

The light doesn’t sense if the filters have been changed or not. Press and hold the arrows until the red light blinks and then release them for a second or two.

Why my aquaguard is not working?

The Aquaguard works only if the input water pressure matches the internal water pressure. The water pressure will not work if it’s low. If the pressure of the water falls below this value, the low-pressure switch will cut off the machine.

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