How To Discharge A Cordless Drill Battery?

How do you discharge a power tool battery?

The simplest way to remove a memory effect from a cordless drill is to make it go through a reconditioning charge cycle.

Should I remove batteries from power tools when not in use?

As long as the trigger is not activated it should not affect the battery at all. I try to put my dewalt tools in the locked position so when they are bouncing around in a bag or truck they don’t turn on and drain the battery that has happened a time or two in the past.

Can cordless drill batteries be refurbished?

Lithium Batteries cannot be rebuilt. Many cordless power tools use nickel-cadmium (NiCd) or nickel metal hydride (NiMh) battery pack rechargeable batteries, after a few years, these batteries no longer hold a charge.

How do I know if my cordless drill battery is bad?

The charge test for your batteries is very straightforward. First, you determine the appropriate amount of time required to charge the battery based on the manufacturers’ recommendations. You then make sure you have a working charger. Place the battery on the charger and allow it to charge for the designated period.

How do you remove a battery from a drill?

There are two black plastic tabs on the battery – one on each side. Pinch/squeeze them inward while pulling the battery down out of the drill.

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Do drill batteries go bad if not used?

You should always have some charge in a rechargable battey, or it will fail or not be able to be recharged. An average cordless drill if hardly used could potentially last several lifetimes. The batteries may last a few years.

How long do cordless drill batteries last?

To sum it all up, the bare minimum that most manufacturers expect from their batteries is around 3 years or 1,000 charging cycles (whichever is less). With that said—we say “put your warranty where your mouth is”.

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