How Much Does A Mac Tool Box Cost?

Does Mac still make tool boxes?

Mac Tools tool boxes can be found in the Macsimizer series. These are the best build quality and come with a lot of extra options. The drawers are the same size as other drawers and can be swapped out.

How much does a good toolbox cost?

Depending on the size and material of the tool box, the price can be as high as $100. If you want a lightweight, plastic toolbox, you will pay less than if you want a heavy-duty steel one.

Where are Mac Tools made?

Mac Tools are produced in a number of Stanley Black & Decker facilities. Proto Dallas is the partner plant for Mac Tools USA. They have a primary distribution center in Ohio.

Who make Husky tool boxes?

Hand tools, pneumatic tools, and tool storage products are part of the Husky line. It’s best known as the house brand of The Home Depot, where it’s only sold. Stanley Black & Decker, Western Forge, and Iron Bridge Tools are some of the companies that make hand tools.

Is Mac Tools the same as Matco?

Mac Tools used to have a box manufacturing division called Matco. Matco Tools formed in 1979. Matco was spun off from Danaher in 2016 as Fortive.

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Where are husky tool boxes made?

There are many different companies that make Husky tools and tool boxes. Taiwan and China are where most of the steel is produced.

What is Dewalt TStak?

All of your must have tools and accessories can be stored in Dewalt Tsak. The interlocking system makes it easy to set up the units you want. These boxes can be used by trade professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Is it toolbox or tool box?

A tool box is a place to keep tools. You’ll get a high score in scrabble using all of your letters up. There is a generally accepted spelling for tool boxes.

Did Mac Tools go out of business?

Mac Tools is a leader in the automotive tool and equipment business because of their philosophy of excellent quality, price, and service, as well as the company spirit that made them successful in 1938.

Are Blue Point tools made by Snap-On?

The lower end of the tool brand is called Blue Point. They are not the same as the ones made with the snap-on specifications. Blue Point is owned by Snap-On and manufactures are contracted to make it. The Blue Point tools don’t have the name on them.

Who makes Craftsman tool box?

One of the key goals of the acquisition is to bring as much tool manufacturing (including tool storage) back to the company, which has been around for over 175 years.

Who makes snap on tools?

In addition to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Elizabethton, Tennessee, the company also has plants in Tennessee and Alabama. Murphy, North Carolina, is where the “Ingersoll Rand” name is used for pneumatic and corded tools.

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What is a crossover toolbox?

A cross-bed or saddle box is a common truck bed tool box. There are boxes in the front of the truck bed that can be mounted onto the bed rails.

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