How Does Under Sink Vent Work?

An air admittance valve, also known as an auto vent, is a device attached to a fixture drain line. The room air can be admitted into the drain under the force of the negative pressure caused by water in the drain.

What happens when an air admittance valve fails?

Failure to bring air back into the pipes can cause a vacuum which can cause slow draining and gurgling.

Why is there a vent pipe under my sink?

The pressure on the drain pipe needs to be equalized in order for the sink to work. The air has to leave the drain pipe in order for the sink to work. If you could dump a pop bottle out of a sink vent, it would be the best way to think of it.

Do you need a vent pipe under kitchen sink?

Vents need to be installed in all the kitchen sinks. Negative pressure within the system can be created by air not being able to get into the pipes. It can allow sewer gas to leak into your home.

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How long do air admittance valves last?

AAV’s can be certified to be reliable. Anything that is mechanical can fail. About 30 years of use is what some manufacturers claim they are good for.

Do air admittance valves need maintenance?

If the air admittance valves are faulty, they can allow sewer gas into the building.

What happens if plumbing is not vented?

The pressure in the drain line needs to be equalized as water goes down a drain. This is what a vent system is supposed to do. Water flowing down the drain will pull water from nearby P-traps if the drain lines in your home have poor vent.

Does plumbing vent go before or after trap?

If the trap from the fixture can’t see the vent then it’s not installed right. We have to keep the vent connection above the trap weir so that it doesn’t suck and we have proper pressures on both sides of the trap.

How do I know if my kitchen sink is vented?

If you run a lot of water down the drain, you can check it out. It will pop if it isn’t vented correctly. A new drain shouldn’t be difficult to open.

How do you test a kitchen sink vent?

You can illuminate the vent pipe with a flashlight to look for obstructions. Run a snake down the vent pipe if you can’t see it. Feed the end of a garden hose down the vent and someone on the ground can turn on the water.

Can air admittance valves leak water?

An AAV was placed under the sink by a plumbing professional. If the sink is full of water and the garbage disposal is running for more than 5 seconds, there is a decent amount of water leaking out of the AAV.

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Why does my air admittance valve smell?

The air admittance valve closes when the water flow slows or stops. There are signs of a faulty air admittance valve if there isn’t enough water in the P- trap.

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