9 Best White Lithium Grease For Drums

Lucas Oil 10533 White Lithium Grease – 8 oz. Squeeze Tube

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Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease, 1.5 oz.

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WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS, 10 OZ

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STAR BRITE White Lithium Grease 14 OZ Cartridge (026214)

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Permatex 80345-12PK White Lithium Grease, 1.5 oz. (Pack of 12)

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White Lithium Grease – 200 g

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Lucas Oil 10533-12PK White Lithium Grease (12x8oz.), 1 Pack

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Liquid Wrench GR014-6PK White Lithium Grease – 8 oz, (Case of 6)

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CRC Marine White Lithium Grease, 10 oz (284 gms)

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How do you lubricate drum tension rods?

I use something that is heavier than oil. You can put the Q-tip in the hole with your hand. Attach the end of the tension rod to the oil with a screw. I did the q-tip with some wd40, but it did not work out.

Should you lube drum lugs?

It isn’t necessary, but many people like to add a bit of their preferred lubricant. I haven’t felt the need in a long time. Dust and dirt are attracted to most of the time. A tap through the receiver and a die over the t-rod threads is what I do if a rod isn’t turning smoothly.

How good is lithium grease?

Greases with high temperature and water resistance are known as lith-complex greases. Adding suitable Additives can further improve performance requirements like extreme pressure, anti-wear and rust.

What are drum lugs made of?

The aluminum/zinc alloy used to make the drums is typically used for other things. The quality of materials, as well as the style and overall utility of these products for their specific sets of drums, should be considered by drummers and other percussion musicians.

What size are drum tension rods?

The drum tension rod can be measured from the shoulder of the head to the end. The thread is 12 to 24 and is 7/32″ in diameter.

What oil do you use for drum lugs?

It’s a necessity for a conga, bongo, djembe or other drum to have a lubbock. It is recommended that you use a mineral-oil based lubricant to protect the threads of nuts. The life and reliability of tuning lugs can be extended with the proper lubrication.

What is a drum lug?

The shells have some kind of fitting attached to them. The tension on the heads is adjusted with the help of the screws. The high-tension lug, a single unit that holds both the top and bottom heads, is one of the types of lug.

Where should you not use lithium grease?

Cars and machinery are powered by lithium-based lubricating oils. They shouldn’t be used on plastic parts. As a result, rubber and plastic components decay more quickly than other materials.

What is white lithium grease best used for?

It is possible to keep components moving smoothly with the use of white lithium grease. It can also be applied preventatively.

What is the difference between lithium grease and white lithium grease?

There is only one difference between “White Lithium” Grease and another, that is visibility. The “Lithium” is not a real substance. I don’t like using mineral oil around O-Rings because of its low concentration.

What is better lithium or silicone grease?

Silicone lubricant is the perfect lubricant for rubber surfaces, but it is also very versatile, so it can be used on many other materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and even painted materials.

Which is better moly or lithium grease?

The type of soap base that is referred to is called lithium. If you want the best, I would recommend a calcium complex soap base. Moly is beneficial in a lot of applications, but not in wheel bearings.

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